Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chasing my Wife All Over Town

This morning I had to take a 7 mile run before I did anything else. So I mapped out my run on Google Earth and asked my wife if she wanted to come along. She usually doesn't run with me because of a persistent IT band injury but she strapped on her helmet and got on her beach cruiser and we took an awesome 7.2 mile run. I realized that running is a lot easier when there is a beautiful girl on a pink beach cruiser to chase ;)
I get really bored with the scenery around our house on my typical runs so I get excited for my long runs because I get to run outside of our neighborhood and explore. The wife had found this really beautiful historic district nearby that we wanted to move into, so we ran down there and ran through the neighborhood. Its the kind of place where the houses are so quaint and quiet that it almost doesn't seem like their real. The thing I like about it the most is that it reminds me of the old houses in the little rural town I grew up in.
Well i'd love to go on but my protein shake is almost empty and its Mothers Day so I better going! Happy Mothers Day to everyone!


  1. Have Marissa show you how to post pics.

  2. I have a cute neighborhood I love to walk through also! I just love all of the quaint little houses. Also, there are tons of cute kitty cats for me to stop and pet along the way :)

  3. I wish my fiance would come along on my (currently non-existant) runs! Makes things so much more fun when you aren't alone!