Monday, May 10, 2010

Due to overwhelming demand by my avid fans I realized that more pictures mean less of me rambling which is best for all of us :) SO.....

This morning I woke up and did what I do every morning - Sneak out of the room without waking the Sparkles Wife and go take care of the garden.

Then while the wife went to get buff with weights I geared up in my finest running attire and vestments, then headed out into the pleasantly perfect 80 degree weather. (hint- it didn't stay that way long)

I took a very slow pace to Tempe Town Lake to conserve energy for what I knew would be a long run.

Stopped for a while to stare at my FAVORITE Landmark in all of Arizona. ASU Sun Devil Stadium and Frank Kush Field

By now my right calf was killing me so I spent some time attempting to touch my horrendously large feet and trying to meditate and relax for a little while in the warm sun. (I've been experimenting with meditation recently and I'm liking it so far. Was a nice way to break up the run half way through.)

A quick jaunt across Mill and around the lake

And then I decided it would be a good idea to try and conquer "A" Mountain.

At this point I was rethinking that decision...

I took the slighty easier way up, its still a very quick vertical but worth it once your up there.

At this point I was really thankful i brought my phone because the wise words of Healthy Tipping Point's tips for running in hot weather kept going through my head and I knew I was done for the day OR ELSE... So called the Sparkles Wife and got a ride home.

*sorry about the quality of the pics, I have to use my phone to take pictures now. The Sparkles Wife and I weren't respecting the camera's union contract, negotiations failed and now its on strike... its a long story but basically we need a new camera.*

I did find this super cool picture for people that may be familiar with the Tempe area...

Thats the "A" Mountain I just ran up today in the 1890's!!!

Here it is today ("A" mountain is in the center left)

Tempe Town Lake & Downtown Tempe

What or where are your favorite places to run?


  1. I freaking love our garden!!

    Also, you need to post more photos of yourself because you are hot!! Ha ha :)

  2. Thanks for bringing along your camera on your run - it's as if I was running, too! As far as my fave place to run, since I messed up my knee two years ago, I can't run anymore. Big depression moment. Anyhow, how large are your horrendously large feet? My husband's are 13-EEEE. Yes, that's four E's! Thanks for the Tempe tour.

  3. Interesting. It must've been super early, no people or traffic out.

  4. I wish I liked running. Good for you. I am trying to get into it.
    Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

  5. I almost went to ASU, soooo gorgeous! I love the town center out there too. Great pictures of your run- and glad you got a ride home from the wifey. No use in passes out or getting sick! Hope the rest of your day goes well

  6. That's so cool how you can see the mountain both past and present! Love those photos!
    My favorite place to walk (no running for me) is this little neighborhood called Duck Pond. Tons of cute houses, and also there are so many adorable cats! Sometimes I stop to pet them lol. And there's a swingset that I treat myself to on the way back if there aren't any kids using it :)