Friday, May 7, 2010

In the interest of not spending 3 hours thinking and talking about myself and more importantly getting this blog up and running so the real magic can happen. I am going to only tell you the three most important things about myself that I would want my children to know about me, in order.

1. I married a women almost 2 years ago that loves me more than I love myself most times. Going through life with her has been like a never ending happy hour on a secluded beach with your best friend, if that makes sense...

2. I believe we only get one go around on the earth and I strive to experience as much of it as I can and to experience it as naturally and uninhibited as possible.

3. All I really want out of my life is to live peacefully with my family and somehow touch someone's life in a way that they carry on a legacy of love and caring because of it.
(3 1/2. Oh and run fast, run fast alot.)


  1. I am so excited you are blogging :)

  2. Great blog :) Welcome!!!!!!And a very sweet first post. Can't wait to read more

  3. Wait a minute! Are married to Marissa?!